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Hi, I'm Ally and I've been a Social Worker for 20 years and more recently trained as a teacher. I provide much more than accommodation, with experience in counselling, childcare, bereavement and crisis support, healing and helping. I can make a worthwhile retreat experience for the whole family. Let us take the load off....and find a new you x

I'm also a single parent of four and know how difficult it is!

I would have loved this kind of break but it's proven hard to find, which is why I am providing it myself. At various times in my life I have needed support and found it hard juggling work, home and children.... and if a bereavement, relationship breakdown or other crisis are added to the burden, it becomes almost impossible to cope. I'm here to help in any way I can to lighten the load and brighten your day.


So come and meet us, we'd love you to get in touch!


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07891 831 221 or 01637 709073
or email at allysretreat@gmail.com

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